The Simple Secret to a Successful Web Site

All web content should be about empathizing with your customers and giving them solutions to their problems.

Stop talking about yourself and start talking about your clients. Ninety percent of your web site content should be demonstrating to your visitors that you understand their problems, that you care, and that you have a solution that will help them.

The only reason to talk about yourself is to demonstrate authority.

We see so much web content that tries to be clever.

Keep your visitors engaged and interacting with your web site

Google now determines the value of your site by how much time visitors spend there. When you think about it, that is the best indicator of your web site’s value.

Visitor engagement is the new SEO

Your site still needs to have consistent content with good use of key wording and all the other factors Google wants, but visitor engagement is critical.

Three main goals to engage visitors

To be successful,  there are three main objectives your website and each page on your website has to accomplish.

  • Show empathy – your site needs to communicate to your visitors that you understand their needs and fears.
  • Demonstrate authority – that you are or that you have the solution to help them meet their needs.
  • Keep it simple – confuse and you lose

It is that simple and if you can do that well your website will attract visitors and keep them engaged.

Here’s how to do that

Headings and subheadings
When you shop either online or in a brick and mortar store, the first thing you do is look around to see if you can find something you need or want.

The same is true for a website visitor.

Website visitors will quickly scan your site to see if something grabs their attention. An image or graphic may catch their attention, but it’s the words that will hook them. That’s why using headings and sub headings is so critical.

Heading and subheadings give the visitor a chance to quickly locate what they want and make a decision if they want to stick around.

Also, avoid long blocks of text that are difficult to read. Break paragraphs up so people can scan your content.  If they are interested they’ll take the time to read more.

Spend 80% of your time on writing headlines and sub healines that hook or intru=ique your site visiotes

If you’re not good at that we can help you.

Design & structure




Confuse you lose – less is more

we’ll help you create a website that engages your visitors in a meaningful way that keeps them engaged and wanting more.Simple clear design that keeps them foucesd and easy to find what they want.

Copy that lets them know you understand their needs and you can help them meet those needs.

Some of the things we recoomedn

A home page that contains most of theinfo – great for mobile devieces – no menu

Simpe desing that deirect their attrtion’

Headings, sub headins all focused on their needs and far

Content that is valuable ena engaging

Give them value.